According to, a couple of cool little tidbits of info have appeared out of the UFC 131 Presser.

  • It's been announced that the UFC will be moving to 5 round main event fights, regardless of wether they are for a title or not.
  • Nate Diaz will be vacating his Strikeforce belt in order to challenge GSP for the UFC Welterweight title.
  • Rampage Jackson will most likely be fighting Jonny Bones Jones for the Light Heavyweight strap at UFC 135.

I quite like the idea of 5 round main events. Hopefully main eventers will get paid a bit more for their extra effort as well (and we won't have as many BJ vs Fitch matches).

I can't wait to see Diaz and GSP. I think it will be Pierre's most challenging fight yet, and I'm happy that Diaz has decided to stick with MMA instead of jumping to boxing.

I'm not sure if I agree about having Rampage take on Jones - but nontheless, I reckon Jones will just out-range Jackson and take him apart.