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    i cant be full of ****... i have had the crap beaten out of me, loong time ago.

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    **** Michael, you were offered a fight with "King Of The Streets" Ruas, respect.

    And I've met Jackson and seen him fight and he's one tough Muther, rather you than me. Ironically he was KO'd in 4 seconds but I've seen his other fights and he's really good.

    "Blood sugar suckerfish is my dish.
    How many pieces do you wish ?"
    "You realise the transformations give a man enough strength to destroy a truck with his bare hands!?

    "Sport ? That kind of thing's not my bag baby!" - Sammy Franco

    "This system was developed with the help of notible BJJ fighter Ribbon Muchado." - "Sifu" Anthony Iglesias

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    Next piece of anectdote "Its never a demonstration or Keep the Ego in Check":

    I've had my ass handed to me three times in my life. Every single time was because I thought with my ego instead of being smart.

    The first happened 5 years ago. One of the local Kickboxing gyms called me up and asked for a quick replacement fighter for one of their smokers. I shrugged my shoulders and said I'd do it. He asked me if I'd been training, I responded with hey its just an exibition no problem. Somebody forgot to tell him that. BTW this was one of Chuck Lidell's fighters. So we came to touch glove and the newbee throws a spinning backkick instead, caught me off guard. He then threw a pawing left hook that caught me in the ear and broke the membrane leading to the eardrum (ended up loosing 5%of my hearing). For the rest of the fight the guy brought it to me at full intensity. I was so not in shape for that. To my credit able to go all the rounds with him. The guy went on for the next 2 years with an unblemeshed record, I believe, and then retired afterwards. graduating college.

    Two years later Mark Hall (yes UFC Mark Hall), called up and asked if I had an extra fighter for his upcoming show, two weeks notice. I had one fighter on his card already. I told him I'd take it. He asked me a favor, that I keep the fight going and make it exciting. I asked "you mean like WWF exciting or what".

    He responded, no, I don't want you to fake it but if you could make a show if it, that would be great. So I took the fight. I told my corner I wouldn't end it in the first round that I'm going to play some cat and mouse stuff. To his credit, he tried, but he had the punching power of a 10 year old, and the take down skill of a tortoise. (Yes he was BJJ). So I had fun with him including one back hand slap, a few teasing waves, and a wwf style suplex (we love our suplexes). Then came the problem. I had been taken enphedra as a supplement and my body started going into metabolic shock immediately following the suplex. My first pro loss. If I had just gone in to win I probably would have been fine.

    My last loss came at the 2000 kung-fu championships down in San Diego. I was so busy training my fighters that I failed to train myself. My thoughts were it was an amateur fight how good could these guys be? (yes Michael stupid) So as I'm getting ready for the fight the day before I here a familiar name "Eugene Jackson", immediately I stopped and asked what the conversation was about. The coach for the other team said he was bummed that Jackson wasn't showing up because he was getting his guy ready for Jackson. I think to myself, what the helll did I just get myself into. Everytime somebody asked me who I was going to fight first they looked at me like I was crazy. The fight went a little like this:

    He punched, I suplexed him, I thought he's not that good, kick!!!!! On the video camera about 100 yards away you could here the kick hit my head. Instant Hemotoma (or however you spell it, blackeye). I dropped to a knee felt the eye swell and said to myself "**** this I'm not getting paid for this, he can have the win", and I gave up. I found out later he had sent over half a dozen guys to the hospital with his kicks.

    I told my wife it was time to retire. I didn't have the killer instinct anymore to fight like this.

    So to you future fighters go in their to win. When you stop wanting that its time for you to give up and try a different line of work.

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