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    Intro post!

    I'm new to this forum. (Obviously) I'm kind of obsessive about martial arts, i study 6 times a week, and spend my time learning new things about martial arts. My hope is to someday open an aikido / Bagua school. I study Aikido, Baguazhang, Brazillian Jiu-Jistu, and Judo, but mainly aikido.

    I often think about ways to adapt aikido techniques against realistic attacks, and train with my friend who practices Boxing, Muay thai, and Jiu-jitsu.

    I stumbled upon this forum through google.

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    Thanks Google.

    Welcome. Look out for Omega, he bites. And Gezere, he doesn't even bother chewing.

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    A personal welcome from the founder of the site, quite the honour ^^

    Welcome to bullshido, make sure you check out the Aikido threads in the JMA forum, and especially the YMAS forum!


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