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    NOT a training log - 20 workouts (ongoing)

    Hi all,

    So, my coach's instructions last week where pretty clear:

    "Rafe, you too fat.
    Rafe, you tits not manly.
    Rafe, you tits like bitch."

    And so, while I am on leave in Germany for the next two weeks,
    he gave me some neat homework:

    "In the next fifteen to seventeen days, do 20 different workouts of choice, each about an hour long... Or, how long you can suffer them, chubbie!"

    So, the purpose of this thread is to chronicle my suffering over the next two weeks...

    And, all kidding aside, to provide you folks with a list of ready-to-do, hopefully well-thought workout plans to follow, as I struggle with the very same issues of mastering daily life and at the same training at a decent level like everyone else does.

    The focus of the workouts I present here lies on gaining strength, not on losing weight, though.

    Hoping to contribute something of worth,


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    Since the occasional n00b might read this thread, I feel like I have to point out a few things:

    1. These are personally adjusted workouts that work for my needs; if you feel like you want to change something to suit yourselves better do so.
    2. Those workouts are not for beginners; it's supposed that already have a a physique, and some basic knowledge about working out. As a beginner, you would do better otherwise.
    3. You will find that I time all the workouts for 60 mins. Now, most of the weightlifting can and should be done in way less time. (30 to 40 mins), however, for these plans, we will suppose that you take extended time to rest. Training healthy is the goal. Not training like Arnie!

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    The purpose of this workout is to strengthn your neck, your shoulders, and your chest. It's terribly one-sided, but as a striker, you will probably come to appreciate it, because neck and shoulders really need to be your strongest muscles. It's where you have to block the blows with, after all.

    1. No classic warmup; the first three exercises will get your blood pumping. Start, and do 3 x 50 double dumbbell biceps curls, very fast, and with a fairly light weight: 10 lbs, in my case. "Double" meaning that you do them with both arms at the same time.

    2. 5 mins of kettlebell swinging: You take a light kettlebell (in my case, 18 lbs), and rest it next to your left tigh. Then, you swing it upwards, until as high as in the picture below:

    When you have it at that height, you your grab the grip with your other hand, and swing it down until you rest it next to your right tigh. DO NOT, as it is usually done, place the Kettlebell between your legs.

    The thrill of this exercise is twofold:
    First, those are controlled swings - you do them fast, and dynamically, but you make sure that the weight doesn't get any more backwards than the tigh.

    If you simply swing the weight back, until about the height of your butt, or however you can extend your arms, YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG.

    3. After exercise (2), rest for three minutes. Then, take a heavier kettlebell, and repeat the same exercise, but doing a step forward while swinging upward. Should look a bit like an upward hook in boxing. I used an 35 lbs kettlebell for this exercise.

    (Instead of the glove, think the weight.)

    4. Now you should be warmed up: Proceed to the true workout.
    Take a barbell of modest or easy weight, in my case, 45 lbs.
    Now, do 3x20 combined overhead presses - Combined meaning:

    You start holding the barbell before your chest.
    You push it it up over your head, until your arms are stretched.
    Then, you pull it down behind your neck, rest it there 3 seconds, and then pull it up again, to bring it before your chest again.

    Do three sets, with 20 reps.

    5. By now, your shoulders should hurt considerably. Time to relax, and to do some BIRDIES.

    That's a birdie. Get into this position, and hold it for 20 seconds.
    Do this exercise three times.

    Use either dumbbells as grips, or, if you are too weak to control them, use the kettlebells as bases.
    The wider your arms are extended parellel to the ground, the better you are.

    6. What we at my gym call Bodyshot Cleans.

    Take the barbell, with the same weight you used for (4).
    Place it before your chest, just like for the overhead presses.
    Push and pull back the barbell from your chest in a horizontal angle,
    90 to your torso.

    3 sets, 15b reps each.

    Like this: http://bigarmworkout.com/wp-content/...t-raises-1.png

    If you are hard core, stand on your toes while doing so,
    toe stand shoulder-wide.

    7. 3x15 triceps presses, again with a modest weight. (I used the 35 kettlebell for it.)

    No need to explain that one, right?

    Small variation:
    I like to do it standing, and, if possible, not just on my feet, but on my toes.

    8. Handstand walk.
    Get in handstand, hold for 30 seconds, and try to walk on your hands, forward and backward.

    Do this exercise three times.

    Alternatively, train the handstand as far as you can.

    If you can't do a handstand yet, try to learn it, instead of doing some other exercise. Check this page for help, for example:


    9. Time to cool down. Take two kettlebells, preferrably rather heavy, and do shoulder curls.

    Three sets of 30, 15 forward, fifteen backward, preferrably while standing on your toes.

    10. THE VIOLENT MONK. *Waves to Der Auslander*Basically, this is a cool down exercise from yoga.
    Get in a position where you feel comfortable - whatever position that is, and stretch a bit.

    Then, tense ALL your muscles in your body that you have dominion over. Remain in that tensed position for twenty seconds.

    Then, breath out and rest for a minute.

    Do this exercise three times.

    Aaaaaaaaaand then you should be cooled down, worked up, and finished!

    ...And ready to rumble!!!

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    With the primairy goal been strength gain as stated in your first post I just wonder how you was hoping to achieve "strength" by doing a workout like you posted? will all workouts look similar to this?

    Its not really a very traditional approach to trying to increase strength and alot of the lifts seem very unorthadox, not having ago, just curious.

    Im going to assume by strength gains you dont mean maximal weight been shifted


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