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    Mark Seaholts

    He claims to have a 7th degree BB in Isshinryu. One of his students also claimed to have learned Muay Thai through him. I'm just wondering... is this guy legit? I can only find one website that says anything about him and It's not even a MA website.

    He owns The Kent Martial Arts Club in Kent, OH.

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    You need to read this thread. Then read all the other stickies in this forum.

    You need to tell us, for this thread to be MABS worthy, what your experiences with Seaholts are, what makes you questions his legitimacy, what measures you have taken to validate his claims. See if you can find a link to the actual school website where the subject himself actually makes these claims.

    For now this post is not suited to this forum.

    Edit: that said, he doesn't seem sketchy to me.
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    damn, looks like i live in the wrong part of ohio lol. Kent isn't too far but far enough i wouldn't make several trips every week to go train, but if i move closer to kent i might check out his school, i've been looking for a good traditional karate type school to attend again.


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