Thread: how do wai kru?

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    how do wai kru?

    I live in the middle of nowhere. Not a Muay Thai gym in 100 miles. I tried the search function and didn't find much on the subject, so here goes.

    I think half the fun of watching a Thai fight is the Wai Kru. What I would like to know is the significance or meaning behind various movements. I realize everyone may have different answers.

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    From what I've been told, the Thai people are superstitious, so when you walk along the ropes and bow at each corner, it clears the ring of any black magic that may have been cast on the ring. Then when you walk around three times, I heard it's an apology to the king of Thailand for the violence that may ensue from the fight, but that may be another movement I'm referring to. Then you bow to the ground and to the heavens three times, not letting the mongkon touch the ground as the Thais think that the ground is dirty and so are your feet, and letting it touch the ground would undo the protective blessing done upon it.

    From then, each kru teaches a different ram muay as it's supposed to be unique to the gym and who trains/teaches you.

    I know Buakaw's motion where it seems like he sweeps the ground around him and gathers it into his chest is to sweep the earth of Thailand into his heart as it gives him strength. He's not the only one to use it, but he was the first example I thought of.


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