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    He should have taken some time to at least learn some basic Boxing skills at least he would not have wasted his time and effort on something useless.

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    I question anyone who walks into a forum with actual cops and martial artists and kicks the party off with lingo like "operator", "UOF", "skillset", "functionality", "VIP Protection", "stress-based research", "tactical breathing", "stress innoculation", and "SOF circles", all in the same introductory post, and then expects to be taken seriously on *any* level.

    Spend any time around real Police Officers and the first thing you will learn is they are a tough crowd and you'd better bring your A game. Bullshit will just get you strung up.

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    What made me fall in the floor laughing was the COMBATO and DEFENDO DODO, my first thought was, OK, so your exerienced in other failed and worthless systems, great where do we sign up I could use a good laugh.

    That and the "It takes years to lean...." other skills.

    Obviously the guy knows nothing about police and military combatives since it is pretty fine tuned now days, most of the moves are simple, easy to learn and remember and work in most cases, sounds like he is working with knowledge from the 60s or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Team Python View Post
    The thing about DT courses is that once a person goes through the course if they don't practice on a regular basis they will eventually lose what they were taught. Lets face it not every LEO trains on regular basis nor do they stay physically fit either. I would say about 5 to 10 percent of LEO's in every department actually train in martial arts on a regular basis. I have seen cops come and go in my academy. Not everyone has the discipline to train hard and go through strenuous exercise.

    During DT training it was frustrating having to train people that don't want to learn. Some people don't think they will ever need it or some think the baton or pepper spray alone is all they will need.

    I have seen people get their asses handed to them fighting a 120 lb. tweeker or a drunk gangbanger. It is when they get their asses kicked do they realize that training is important.

    To give a 4 to 6 hours seminar to a bunch of individuals and expect it to work is not the answer. Off duty training is the key. Sparring against live-resistant opponents is the only way to be effective in real fighting. I am tired of these so called reality based martial/WW2 style combative courses coming up and claiming to make everyone victim proof.

    We all know it takes years of training and hard work to become good at self defense. Styles like Judo, BJJ, Sambo, Wrestling, Boxing, Muay Thai and every other art where live sparring is a requirement will only work in a real life encounter not some 6 hour seminar where the techniques that are taught are supposedly too deadly to spar with.
    Well spoken (or typed, I guess.) It alarms me to see so many in our profession take virtually no interest in developing/improving their physical skill set/condition. So many of us seem to forget that complacency kills.

    It's also frustrating to see DT in-service training becoming a "once a year" event; granted, I know that not all LEOs enjoy rolling around with other sweaty dudes two or three times per week, but lets work "hands on" AT LEAST as often as we hit the range to qualify (2-3 times per year where I'm at).

    Take care and stay safe.

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