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    Sweat Suits


    I am interested in buying such a suit:

    NO, I am not cutting weight right now, but since I usually pack myself in really, really warm clothes when I do cardio or shadowbox,
    it has been suggested to me that this would be an easier way, and more comfortable in that it's easier to wash than my other stuff.

    Can anyone recommend me a good brand, a fiable shop, or overall info on what I should be looking for?

    Thanks a lot,


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    I wouldn't wear such a suit. A (large) number of years ago, a group of us used to run the perimeter of Hampstead Heath in London. After we got going, we split into 2 group as one chap was just back from holiday and donned a plastic undershirt to force him to work harder and sweat.

    After I got back to Changing Room - a long way behind my oldest mate, who was flying - we learned that the chap with the plastic shirt had collapsed at the back of the Heath. He blamed the Shirt and never wore it again.

    I also later made a similar error, I took to running with a bin liner to make me work harder etc. It only encouraged me to sweat, which collected and ran down by Torso to my Groin and Inner Thighs and caused them to chafe. It was damned uncomfortable for a few days.

    Oh yeah, I also had a raging Thirst for 4 days afterwards.

    So, for me, I recommend against wearing them.

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    I saw one of the Thai kids wearing one of those a few days ago. My eyes bugged out of my head, I mean seriously how hard is it to sweat in THE FUCKING TROPICS? But yeah apparently it was to drop some seriously major weight. All you do in those is sweat like I already do everyday here, and I think if it's just a temperature thing then a good cold-weather underarmour or something would work a little better anyways (Note: He only wore it for the run/warmup and NOT during training...also he looked like a little Asian Alien explorer or something).


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