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    Criteria for Selecting a School

    Hello all,
    I'm working on a book based on the premise that it is possible to objectively evaluate one's own goals and also objectively evaluate various schools in an attempt to find the best possible match.

    If anyone wants to argue that gut instinct is important, let me just say that I agree... however, I also believe that most beginning students don't have the tools they need to wade through all the BS.

    So I'm asking for your ideas about which criteria should be evaluated when comparing schools. For example, one criteria could be about the emphasis on ranking within a school. A school might, for example, have a more formal "military-style" ranking emphasis, where rank plays a large role and progression through the ranks is valued highly. Other schools may be highly informal. Neither is necessarily better... but a student should consider how their own personality fits within whatever structure is there.

    Any other ideas? What criteria do you evaluate when looking for school, instructor, style, etc.

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    One thing I pay a lot of attention to is competition emphasis. I find that schools that encourage people to enter competitions attract a different type of student to ones that are less competition focused.

    I train at two different places - one highly competition focused, one less so. The people at both are great, but the environment is very different, and as a competitive person myself I'd probably get frustrated if all my training was at the more relaxed place. Plus, it's nice to have training partners that understand the nerves, etc :)

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    this is an article that most noobs should read, but they probably wont. Maybe it'll be helpful for your research


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