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    His heart was visible, and the dismal sack that maketh excrement of what is eaten. supporting member
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyCache View Post
    You know it is kind of possible that the circumstances of one's background change your chances of success without putting it on or off the table

    If it TRULY didn't matter AT ALL stories of rich people regressing wouldn't be as exceptional as stories of destitute people succeeding. Life would see wealth shoot away towards the most talented when it in fact clings to those lucky in birth and lucky in careers - place and time of birth matter, as do subsequent place and time. Anyone can get rich selling shovels, but if it's a gold rush where you live and you learned shovel sales at your daddy's knee you might just have a bit of an advantage...but take that advantage in one place and time and you might find yourself in a world with no need for the service you're best at, and toil in obscurity and die, lucky just to leave no debts

    Like most people do.

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    You've spent about 5 pages now sounding like eric cartman when he tells the south Americans to "just go to college"

    "Internet endorsements of social Darwinism" are the new "saying you don't get what the big deal is about Shakespeare"

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    Quote Originally Posted by battlefields View Post
    I'm fat. I'm an office worker. I'm partial to Doritos. And I am a ready ************ when it comes to the Apocalypse, having played out the scenario more than a few times in my head... I'm an Australian and I love my way of life.

    ...You might think, pfft, swimming won't help you in the Apocalypse, but it will. Oh, it will. Especially where I live...


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    Quote Originally Posted by W. Rabbit View Post

    My wife has a great sense of humor.

    Before Arnold's bastard son was exposed, she would always joke "no young, hot babysitters".

    After she saw the housekeeper Arnold schtupped, now it's "no babysitters".
    in yiddish you use the hebrew alphabet. so the word would be spelled "shin, tet, vov, peh" and be pronounced "SHTUP", and transliterated as "shtupp" the "ed" for past tense is an english thing and isn't grammatically correct in yiddish or hebrew. but if you wanted to add it to the end of the word, it would have a dalet at the end. the word you transliterated as "schtupped" would be spelled "sin, chet, tet, vov, peh, (dalet if you're doing the english past tense)" and require a gutteral hock in the first syllable.

    that, and modern survivalists need to know how to work on regular car engines more than they need to collect assault rifles.... or something like that that's on topic....

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    Not many crocs in Sydney Harbour, mate. Lots of sharks, but those pussies run away from a good fight provided you attack them first. Can't fight on land for ****, neither, shark pussies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by devil View Post
    Even if you conclude those people had to stay in the city because they're poor, you're still only scratching the surface. You need to dig deeper. They're poor for the same reason they didn't evacuate the city - because they lack intelligence. Poverty is a symptom. Lack of intelligence is the root cause.
    Wow..I must have lost 10 IQ points reading those scribblings of yours, oh Satan.
    Well, I was born into and grew up in circumstances that I would describe as being on the poor side. I had it way better than many people. Many people had it way better than me. That's the way life is, right? I never went hungry. I always had a roof over my head and clothes to wear.
    For people at the very bottom, that isn't the way their lives are. If you think everyone poor, is stupid...then you have to be the simplest cretin of the lot, and by your own definition, very very poor indeed.

    Life happens, while goals and dreams are being pursued. Only the most walled-off, egotists think every man/woman and child's destiny is theirs to rule. That's some dippy comic book ****...and not in line with the experiences of a great deal of the world's population.

    I'd type more, but I'm still reeling from reading the whole 5 pages.

    p.s. The government is supposed to help people who can't achieve important things (regarding safety) for themselves in isolated numbers. It's called civilization.

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    regarding being poor and lack of intelligence:

    when i was in college, i knew a guy who was 100% dependent on financial aid to stay in school. no job, no savings, nothing but his college classes and dorm room. he had escaped the most financially irresponsible parents ever and put everything he had into college.

    his junior year, his big part of his financial aid got cut off because his GPA slipped to a 3.4. his scholarship contract had a rather confusing clause that led more people than just him to not know when their GPA requirement rose from 3.2 to 3.5.

    anyway, this happened 3 weeks into his first semester of his junior year. he wound up indebted to the school 1000 dollars due to a bureaucratic **** up on the school's part, and couldn't get loans to cover his lost scholarship until it was cleared up. his driver's license expired, he didn't own a car, his parents wouldn't let him move back in with them, and he didn't have a permanent address.

    with his out of state license expired and no permanent address, he couldn't get a new state ID. this meant he had massive problems every time he applied for a job. he couch surfed for the rest of the semester, all of the next semester, and most of the summer. part of that summer he was sleeping in my truck. his food came from his girlfriend who got a to go box from the cafeteria for him twice a day.

    the following fall, when he should have been starting his senior year, he got back into school. everything was great for that one semester, except that he went to school entirely on student loans, except for a small book scholarship. but, once again, bureaucracy fucked him.

    the school had him listed as a dependent of his parents (even though he was over the age of 21) and denied him his financial aid the following semester as his parents hadn't signed off on his FAFSA for that year.

    so, he was homeless again. no money, no job, no place to live, no reliable transportation, and all of his friends lived on campus. he stayed homeless for over a year before one of our mutual friends and his girlfriend moved off campus and got a 2 bedroom apartment. they let him move in rent free for a couple of months. that's when he was finally able to get a job and start saving some money, but he was in default on student loans at that point and was facing collectors, but not just from the loans, but also for an ER visit he had made months earlier.

    it took him about 5 years of steady work in a thankless job, and getting married to a woman with a MS in mathematics to escape poverty. even now, he freely admits that if his wife had spurned him for being poor and living in a shithole with a toilet you could barely use (like all her friends said she should do because he was a "loser") he would have never been able to escape a life of poverty.

    the universe shits on all of us, if you don't have a support network that is able to help you out, you're fucked.

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    @Devil You think that's air you're breathing?
    Now darkness comes; you don't know if the whales are coming. - Royce Gracie

    KosherKickboxer has t3h r34l chi sao

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    There are typically three reasons that people stayed in NO: infirmity, they had ridden out previous hurricanes and made a bad call this time and poverty. Even the middle class in large cities often do not have a car because they do not need them for their day to day lives. Sure, you could walk out of NO in a day with your family, it'd be 12 miles tops. But you aren't going to be able to make enough headway to get away from a hurricane. If you recall there was only about 24 hours notice that NO was going to take the hit. So without buses running or a vehicle there was no way out for the poor.

    Quote Originally Posted by STB'A View Post
    regarding being poor and lack of intelligence:
    Further, the group of people you claim are poor because they lack intelligence are primarily black. Why is it that black students continually perform worse than white students across the country but especially in the southern states? It has been stated that it is because of their lower intelligence as a race. But wait! If you go back to the fifties and sixties during the civil rights movements, what do you see? Many poor, well-educated, well spoken, intelligent black people. But where did they go in the last fifty years?

    A lot of it, from my reading, can be traced to school desegregation. While well intentioned and necessary, some of what was lost has led to a crisis of education among African Americans. What they lost was this: They had black schools, which were barely funded but typically the teachers were devoted to educating their students. The second major thing they lost was the close role model of achievement within their race. They went to desegregated schools with teachers who often didn't want them there but had to teach them. What message do you think those children received? Was it education or was it "You do not belong here."?
    Be mentally tougher, you say? These are children. If I spent years telling you that you were worthless perhaps your self-assessment would be more accurate.
    As a result black children to this day are often derided for trying to to succeed at school. It's a sad state of affairs, and I don't have any answer for it.

    So next time you feel like opening your ignorant ass to make those noises that pass for speech, think about other possible reasons that a family could be poor for generations while you are not other than your perceived inherent superiority.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OZZ View Post
    I have a friend who's pretty fat. He's a good guy and we have known each other a long time, but he gets on my nerves sometimes because he's one of these guys who talks about how 'easy' everything is and yaks about nutrition, exercising etc. and does nothing but sit on his ass and watch tv/surf the web in his spare time. He also has terrible eating habits, nothing but **** food, no fruits or vegetables (except potatoes, or the measly veggies you get a big mac or a whopper). He never eats breakfast, so his metabolisim doesn't kick off and burn some of his lard-ass off during the day.He drinks Coke like its water..up to a six-pack a day.He smokes cigarettes, and will smoke pot every single day if he can afford to.
    Last year during the hockey playoffs, he was coming over almost every night for a couple of weeks to watch the games, and he wanted to me to smoke dope with him every night..when I told him I didn't want to because it was slowing me down and making me have shitty workouts the next day, he stopped coming over.
    He'll tell me how I should be altering my gym routine, what exercises are best for this muscle group, or that muscle group. If I tell him I'm thinking about having some work done around the house ( like getting a privacy fence installed, or something) he asks me why I don't just do it myself because its 'easy'. He yaps about these things and yet he doesn't get off is ass to take his garbage to the curb half the time.He's the epitomy of laziness. However, he is fairly bright and fun to be around. He also used to be a decent athlete, we played hockey against each other when we were younger,lifted weights togehter, we trained in kung fu and shortfist boxing together for years - and he was a good fighter. But he's gotten really out of shape and lacks motivation.
    Its irritating. Last time he made some smart-ass remark about my workout routine I replied by telling him to get off his ass and try something else besides the 'happy meal plan' he was on.
    It shut him up pretty quick.
    Tell Roy Nelson that you value the friendship but you really think he'd do better at 205.

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