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    Actually thats not what I meant, I was just being pedantic for the lolz, they aren't sharpened, as in the edges ground, they are polished ;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by hapkido_keith View Post
    Depends on the time period. If you're talking about the Edo period where there was peace and samurai only philosophized about battle, then, yes, sword were rarely sharpened (mostly because they were rarely used). If you're talking about the Sengoku period, swords were damaged and subsequently had the edges re-ground and resharpened all the time, cause they were actually used in battle and suffered abuse.
    Exactly. I don't have to sharpen mine that often because I simply don't do tameshigiri enough to warrant it. So chances are, if I had to pull out my sword to fight someone for some weird reason, it would be sharp.

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