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    Bloody Elbow worse than Sherdog on free pitcher night


    I sometimes, not very often, check the usual MMA blogs orchestrated by Ariel Helwani wanna-bes.

    Without further comment, I would like to present you contributions of an individual named Mike Fagan, his general education being as trained as his Martial Arts knowledge.

    Latest gem: Bellator's Mamed Khalidov is not just off the promotion's autumn season because he is a Muslim, but because... *conspiracy theory*.


    Before that, some other "qualified assessment", wild speculation about Jon Jones' hand injury.


    Which leads me, awoken from my siesta by some angry neighbors, and generally unnerved with the way chicken-breasted fifteen-year-olds comment on the sport, to one very important question:

    Or, a dictionary to look some stuff up before they post it?

    How come that at least half of the main media coverage of MMA is made by illiterate bunglers, and what can be done to improve it?

    Is there really so few money in MMA coverage that the news agencies leave the sport to high school kids?!

    Because that's what most of the articles (from brother Mike and others) look to me.


    Back to the siesta, and if another neighbor shows up, I will lock them in my basement,

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    Bah, Ariel Helwani is an Ariel Helwani wanna-be.

    I treat BE like a news site; very selective, diagonal reading.

    Also, I'd say that BE beats Sherdog. Mainly because of the good amount of funny/smart/insightful comments. You know, the green ones. Also their .gif pictures :)
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    All you need is money and time. At this point in time the sport is still 'young' and not much of the money is being pumped into the journalistic sectors of MMA. Hell, of the top of my head, the only one I can think of is Ariel, and I don't even like his work.
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