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    Do You Kids Like Video Games?

    Hey, guys. It's your fourth or fifth favorite sports writer here to come back after not posting for a really long time as a shameless attempt to plug his side project that has nothing to do with his business membership.

    Being an asshole is okay as long as you're actively self-aware. I learned it from watching you.

    Anyways, a friend and myself recently started a Lets Play series on youtube where we play through games, talk about design and joke around a little. And, since viewer participation is a huge part of these things I thought I'd spread the word a little, and since I did have a business membership for SOME things I believe this isn't too far out of bounds.

    Our first episode is Halo 4, linked at the bottom of this post. But we'll also have a concurrent game of Xenoblade Chronicles, which is awful, going at the same time so check out the channel if'n you're interested. Also, feel free to rip us a new one, here. Sirc fucking hates this series and he actually likes my other work so I won't be offended and you won't be the first. As a matter of fact we're constantly adjusting our style based on feedback.

    Monday Morning Mooks Halo 4 Episode 1- Friendly Fire
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