I am starting a new thread to bring everyone together. For a July 22-24 social throw down in the Midwest.
We are looking for a place, and possibly some place to crash for the night too.
I am down for some out of the way park.
Just an idea if we get enough interest we might be able to get a reduced rate on the rooms.
I have personally rented a room for the night with groups and that mostly works. Open halls works best for large amount of people.
Ideally this place is going to be half way between everyone and less than a tank of gas from anyone.
As best as I can tell Kansas City is about half way, but there is a lot of interest in Chicago.
I personally would love to do some weapons fighting.
For what it's worth I suck, but what the hell. Its only brain damage, major lacerations...
Who's up for it??? Get off the baby sitter and come out to fight!