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    With reference to post no. 149 by DCS, if this guy had been going full tilt, uke probably would have been out before the roll ended as well:

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    This seems like an appropriate place for this story.

    Sean Entin attributes this:
    ...Dr. Alois Zauner discovered a major injury to the carotid artery that resembled "gunshot and knife wounds."

    Zauner, an Austrian transplant, said Entin's artery, which supplies oxygenated blood to the neck and head, was shredded.

    That, and a blood clot had formed around the injury -- which is what caused the stroke. Fearing it could "burst any second," Zauner performed a 4 1/2-hour surgery to repair the artery, inserted a stent, and removed a two-inch blood clot.
    Entin remained in intensive care for the next three weeks, more than a third of the time under a medically induced coma because his brain continued to swell. It was bad enough that Zauner recommended a craniectomy, which meant removing the right side of his skull to alleviate pressure, and inserting the skull into his abdomen to preserve it. That worked; a little more than a month after the stroke, Entin's head was back together again.
    to a strangulation that was applied 3 weeks prior.

    He described it as a "Josh Barnett-type side-choke," essentially, and excuse the misnomer, an arm-triangle choke.
    Entin insists the move led to the stroke, that there's no other way the injury could have occurred.
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