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    Sgts Time Madness

    Those of you in the american armed forces, specifically the army are familiar with the concept of Sergeant's time, or a refresher course on basic soldiering skills to be completed every week or so. Today the class was on leadership, and Rosa Parks being a leader unintentionally. I agreed by stating that she did not 'wake up with the intention to make a picket sign and smash whitey.' This is normally where I do push ups, but I think they may send me to the promotion board.

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    Getting acknowledgement and recognition for showing good judgement or insight, always makes you feel fantastic. Whenever I'm kicking, and my trainer says to me: "That was a good one!", I get that little warm fuzzy feeling you must be buzzing with right now.

    If one of your goals is to be promoted within the military, I'm happy for you that the goal is getting closer to within your reach.

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    I'm glad you guys are still doing SGT's Time. Its something that has been falling off lately. Our Optempo was so high that it was often overlooked and I had to start making a point of getting it on the Training calender.
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    hmmm please enlighten me more on this sgts time... (Im planning on joining the Oregon Air National Guard since my Marine inlistment did not go as planned...)

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    This is probably off topic for this, but I feel I must add that Rosa Parks was an intentional leader. She was the secretary for the NAACP president in Montgomery at the time.She decided not to move further to the back of the bus because she wanted to spark a boycott that had been in the works for quite a while. It is not like she was the first person to get arrested doing such a thing. Segregation was not always looked upon with apathy. She spent a large portion of her life standing up for civil rights before and after she was arrested on that bus. She woke up quite a few days with the intention of standing up for civil rights, certainly not to "smash whitey" as you so eloquently seemed to describe the fight against segregation and the civil rights movement.

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    Fun article on Cracked about Rosa (see #5): http://www.cracked.com/article_19076...ory-books.html


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