Feel I need to but in here about comments about systema. As usual alot of rubbish written and spoken about sytema, etc. I come from a boxing background, currently train in the bujinkan and in the system. Train with a good instructor in the U.K. In the south of England, R. Poyton, in the North Paul Genge. If you really think it is a load of bullshit, go and train with Graham Ramsden (Bujinkan and systema), or myself. No gloves, ring time out, etc. What else can be said, you can watch dvds all day, you have to expereince it for yourself. Anyone who lives in the U.S, go and train with Vlad in toronto and challenge him, what more needs to be said. I am going to Moscow to train with the fat russian, soon. I will arrange a contact, what more can I say. If you dont rate it, then at least train and have a go.