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    Recover first them just drill till you get full use back. ROM exercises and some strength work, uchi mokis in newaza and tachi waza will help with recovery as long as you are taking it easy and just doing what you can and not over exerting yourself.

    I have had 3 knee surgeries and most of my recovery and continued mobility is directly related to being on the mat. Of course the injuries are also directly related to being on the mat but that is because I am not that smart. As my friend once told me "your body can not keep up with your ability." He said its like your body is rated for 70mph but you keep going 100mph so eventually something has got to give.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Res Judicata View Post
    Ankles and thighs, although the thigh one kept coming off. Lots of shrimping practice and moving from the hips.
    Very interesting. I had a coach who used to make me do ne waza randori with lower ranked guys with my legs only, or only one arm, or most fun, no arms or legs. Plus pinning without grabbing uke with the hands.

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    Coach trained in Japan for a few years. He said that when he hurt his knee, that's what they had him do.

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    This is a bit of a derail, but I'll allow it.

    Sometimes I only use my legs to defend guard with new people, or hold two tennis balls in my hands while I roll. The absence of grips while still sparring with the gi is as interesting as blind randori.

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    May I suggest a new thread devoted to alternative grappling drills like this?

    Specifically, I've never heard of the tennis ball thing - I really must try it. Would love more details.
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