Take a 2 hour boxing class with top tier elite trainer Mike Kozlowski. Coach Mike was previously the assistant boxing coach to the Russian national team and head boxing coach to the Israeli national team. His students have included Yuri Foreman the former WBA light middleweight world champion and Jill Emery the IFBA welterweight world champion. Mike has developed a countless number of champions and continues to do so today with expert guidance and superb technical skill.

Coach Mike has also made many NY Golden Glove Champions. In 2011 Coach Mike brought four of his students to the NY Golden Gloves Finals on Madison Square Garden resulting in three champions. Mike has developed USA, Panamanian, Israeli and Russian national champions. He's trained different types of people from all over different parts of the world, but one thing remains consistent: Mike's fighters win! Mike's results are a testament to the fact that he knows how to make champions!

Take advantage of this opportunity to train with a coach of this caliber!

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Date: 9/24/11 Saturday
Time: 2 pm to 4 pm.
Price: $25.00
Place: 1 East 28th St (7th floor, corner of 5th Ave. buzzer 11)

Near the 28th street N,R stop; the 28th street 6 train stop and the 34th street B,D,F,M,Q train stop.