So Im a noob to

After reading the do's and dont's and the ultimate wisdom of omega i decided to post up my story.

I am 22, I'm a University student and I live and study in Glasgow Scotland. I'm from a small town near Edinburgh called Bo'ness where I studied Ju Jitsu for around 3 or 4 years up to the age of 17. The first think I did before posting this thread was check if any one had mentioned Soke Yamaue. And I was, at first, pleased then very quickly pissed off to find out that the martial arts club I trained in for so long was mentioned, then slated.

Howeve; the post (sorry I dont even know how to cross reference another post! (I'm gonna get noob trolled for this!) just search Yamaue and its the first post) anyway... this post mentions how the club is probably fake, i will admit the website for my old club looks like a little kid designed it, but it was, and still is for real. I was taught directly from Soke Yamaue on many occassions and I travelled to Sweeden with the club for one of his seminars, he also came to scotland many times and I was graded directly from the man himself for my green and blue belts.

To be honest, when I trained in this club (probably because i was quite young) I didnt fully apprechiate the time needed to master the fighting style and, the experience, reputation and skills Yamaue has.

My Sensei was called Phil Blackburn and was, and still is one of Yamaue's personal students. When I joined the club the main teaching style was more practical for self defence and it could be applied fairly quickly after learning and practicing. however it gradually changed more and more towards Yamaue's influence and became Kuroyaki ryu ju jitsu by the time I left the club.

Now there are going to be clear doubts and I'm probably gonna get fuking raped by the non noobs for what I'm about to say and your probably thinking something along the lines of, "Why would I believe this noob, who the fuk is he, how do I know he's telling the truth?" But im going to say it anyway. Training with Yamaue was a real privelage and pleasure. He can and does use Qi energy in his fighting style and I have experienced first hand, on many occassions!, what it feels like; through body contact and without... Now ur all probably thinking of some matrix cliche where Neo stops objects with his mind, but on many seminars i was demonstrated on and was floored by this. It is a very unusual sensation where you cannot move any part of your body and you feel like your slowing dying. someone must rub you (get the gay jokes over with) all over to get the blood flowing and relase you from this paralysing state. I left the club because I wanted to learn something more practical for self defence and to try a different style.

My old instructor organised many seminars in Bo'ness where Yamaue along with other instructors from many other TMA styles came and trained together. These, for me, were some of the best martials arts sessions i ever had and would recommend Mixed TMA seminars to everyone.

Since moving to Glasgow I took up Wing Chun for around 2 months max. then fuked my back (not fighting related) and ive not trianed in 2 years. As it has now almost completely healed Im looking to get back into Martial arts and found this forum site and here i am.

I cannot stress enough how authentic Yamaue is in his fighting style, He's now in his 60s and is a 10th dan for fuks sake!

here is the Yamaue's website:

here is my old clubs website:

and here is the website for wing chun club i briefly trained at:

I hope you all don't troll me to death and hope to hear from someone soon!
Best wishes from Scotland.