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    newbie wanting recommendations in UCSD

    Hi Bullshido!

    So I am new to martial arts, actually I've never touched the arts, but I've decided take up a martial arts class.

    I have no prior experience, but I'm looking for something good for self-defense. I'm not really sure what I'd want to take, but I'm a bit interested in taking up jeet kune do.

    The thing is, I'm only limited to taking the class at UCSD, and I don't know how good they would be. If anyone can help me in deciding or has good information about the classes here, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
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    Jeet Kune Do (Jun Fan) is a training method, not a specific style of martial art. This unique training method was designed and developed by Si Gung Bruce Lee and Sifu Dan Inosanto.
    Jeet Kune Do (Jun Fan) training at the Harris Academy is multi-faceted. Students will learn how to effectively box, kickbox, trap and use clinchwork. They will also learn takedowns, grappling, how to engage multiple assailants, as well as various training methods.
    Over time, students will develop highly personalized set of skills in each of the four empty hand ranges of combat.
    In addition to the Jun Fan / Jeet Kune Do training methods, students will also be introduced to vast array of Filipino Martial Arts training methods. These methods are collectively called, “The Inosanto Blend of Kali.” These additional training methods embellish the Jun Fan, empty hand, training methods.
    The goal of the Jeet Kune Do / Filipino Martial Arts training methods is to teach the student to adapt in combat, in the training hall and hopefully in life.
    Is this what you're asking about?
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    yeah I guess. tbh, I just googled 'top effective martial arts' and jeet kune do was one listed. I would like to learn muay thai the most, but they don't offer it at ucsd :\

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    Choosing and Training a martial art

    I'm a newbie that's going to start taking martial arts at my university without any prior experience at all in martial arts. I'm having trouble choosing between BJJ, wing chun, JKD, and boxing. Sadly they don't have muay,but they also have hapkido, kempo, and tang soo do karate.

    Also I'm going to have about a month before I can start learning martial arts, but I wanted to make use of that month to get myself a little condition training prior to classes. Any suggestions in workout and stretching?

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    Request and go to a trial lesson at each school to get a good feel of what it is like learning there. Choose the one you prefer the most and which features alive/full contact sparring each sessions.

    If you don't mind me asking, why can't you start learning now?

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    I'm taking the classes under my university, and the quarter is about to end so I have to wait until the next session opens up.

    Alright, I'll take a look and talk to some of the teachers/students when the classes are over. Thanks for the advice!

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    choosing shorinji kempo or wing chun

    I'm choosing a MA class for the first time to start and go through with but I'm having trouble deciding between the two available ones. Shorinji Kempo and Wing Chun, both have good instructors but I cannot choose. Please help community of MAs. Thanks

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    What do you want out of your training, why are you considering those 2, where do you live?

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    I live at UCSD and I can only take UCSD classes. The other classes available are BJJ (which I'm not interested in grappling), Okinawan Karate, Hapkido, Wushu, Shaolin, and Jeet Kune Do.

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    Why don't you ask should I take an enema or inflame my hemorrhoids? How does a retard like you get into college? Oh wait, you're at UCSD.

    Why don't you take crochet, it'd probably be more your speed.

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