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    biometric gun safes

    Ok this isn't directly about weapons so a Mod can move it if he/she wants, but I wanted the opinions of the gun community.

    I just bought a house and I am thinking of getting a biometric (that's a finger-print scanner to the layman) safe for my nightstand, in case the zombies attack in the middle of the night and I have to get to a gun quickly.

    Does anyone have experience with these? Any problems with reliability, any particular brands to stay away from, etc?

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    I used to work for a key and lock place that sold safes. You're probably better off with a stud mounted wall unit. They have an internal battery and can be wired into house voltage. Hang a picture or piece of artwork over it or put it inside a closet and its difficult to know it's there. Drop into a local key and lock place and try a few out. The reason I recommend these over the small safe units is that the small safes offer little protection if your house is broken into unless it's bolted to the floor. Thieves tend to take the little safe with them and then sledgehammer them until they fail.


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