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    i kind of agree with that bit about the legislature not being affected by musu

    - but also to throw another reason into the mix.

    i mean musu competition's ultimate intent is not to determine the "winner" but to determine the "winner" who distinctively wins with a "style". the goal of MMA (as used socially relating to competative rulesets) competitions is to set a group of rules that permit multiple ranges of fighting with less restrictions and declare a winner whether they use bjj, boxing or fart in thier opponent's face to get him to keel over for a win.

    in order for musu to be a backer for mma, it has to look more and strive to be more like the type of competition ny would ultimately approve of. i don't see that happening for a number of ego driven reasons. course if it was me running the thing i would be out for a buck and change the rules to midget slap boxing or ky jelly hot lesbian wrestling if it would make more money for me.

    but thats me bieng what you guys would consider an ass hole for valuing money over legitimate martial arts.

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    Hey guys they just made a website for MUSU so that everyone can keep up to date with their latest tournaments their next tournament is in 3 days on the 28th

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