Greetings...I happened upon this site by searching for info on a "grandmaster" who I have trained with twice. I have been involved in martial arts for about 6 years now...mostly TKD but have also trained in karate,kung fu, and some basic mma. When training with this guy, I had my doubts as to the quality of what was being taught. Looking at all those red bars on his black belt, I figured maybe I just didn't "get" what he was doing since obviously he was far more experienced and qualified than I am. Bit by bit I've been finding more stories about this guy, and quite honestly none of them have been very good reports. Seems maybe I was right all along and the guy is a sham. I have even found his name on this site although the posts regarding him are a few years old. I'm liking what I've been reading on the various forums here. Once I learn my way around here a little better I'll mention the guy's name and see if anybody else here has any more recent stories about him.