I probably should have done an intro before posting my other question.

Because what the world needs is another newb in newbietown.

Here goes. Some fat bloke in Sydney, Australia befriended me when I was 15 and claimed to know Kung Fu. He "trained" me for 2 years. Wasn't Wing Chun, the stance and elements seemed like modified JKD in the early years style of fighting.

Did not touch martial arts again until I was 21 when I did Wing Chun for 1.5 years. Thought it was the **** and all the usual Wing Chun propaganda (too deadly to use against other arts, makes your penis larger because your centre line is protected)

Didn't touch martial arts again until now (30 years old) and realised that Wing Chun is really gay.

I now train Muay Thai and MMA*

MMA in Australia seems to just be Karate based kickboxing/Muay Thai mixed with Whatever Grappling I've Picked Up Over The Years which I'll now call BJJ.

I like to think that my dude (www.iwak.com.au) personifies the "mixed" in mixed martial arts. I can't be arsed listing his whole bio so maybe read the site for yourself. In a nutshell:

-Karate as a kid
-Muay Thai accredited under Ajarn Chai
-Filipino Arts, Shooto, everything + kitchen sink at Inosanto Academy and Princeton Academy.

It's really good, classes are fun and you feel like you're really learning.

My experience under the William Cheung Wing Chun stuff was pretty bad. Mirrors the usual WC criticism on here, no real intensity, Level 4 guy trains Level 3 guy, Level 3 guy trains Level 2 guy. By the time Level 1 guy gets the instructions, it's all wrong.

I one time expressed interest in kicking the kick shield to see if those low leg counters "that would drop a Muay Thai guy faster than you can say qi mutha fucka" but was told that only level 4 guys and up do "sparring."

Fun times. Thank you for letting me waste 4 minutes and 37 seconds of your life that you'll never get back.

Vote for Pedro.