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    Enson Inoue vs Tsunami!

    If you aren't reading these updates on Enson Inoue charity work in the Tsunami area you are really missing out on some of the most moving coverage of any disaster I have ever seen. This is a major MMA legend who is personally walking the walk and changing lives all over Japan.


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    he's doing really great work, and i want to donate some money to his cause.

    reading his blog was the first that i had heard of any looting or violence happening there, so it seems that the japanese press are keeping a lid on any stories of that sort of thing. just today i heard that a guy who had a store in the affected area selling japanese denim had his shop looted (he does a lot of export business, so that's why i heard about it.) sad to hear that that sort of thing is happening even there. of course it's being blamed on "gangs associated with the chinese mafia"
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