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    Seoul, SK. Looking for people who want to train together.

    Hey all, my name is Taehoon Kim and I am student at HUFS(Seoul campus) I was wondering if there were any people out there who would like to spar 2~3 times a week.

    I am looking for people who are preferrably in the 90+ kg range and those that are not prone to emotional outburts, crying, biting, etc. Generally those that can keep calm and control their strength and those that are willing to share a technique or two.

    Note: I am not looking for a teacher that wants to lecture or some jackass that wants to vent his daily woes/work stress out on other people. What I am looking for is someone who wants to test/share new techniques that they have learned and/or free spar(grapple, box, kick,etc) and someone who is mature enough to know how much strength to apply and when not to apply it.

    A little info about me...
    Name: Taehoon kim
    age: 29 yrs old
    Trained in: HKD(2nd dan), Kyokushin karate(1st dan),
    Chen Taichi,Yiquan, Aikido, Ba chi quan.
    I have recently started boxing with the university club.

    Anyway if you are near HUFS/Kyunghee university or are willing to travel pls contact me at 010-4282-2012([email protected]) and hopefully we can set up a time to practice together.
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