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Thread: The Blue Judogi

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    Quote Originally Posted by kikoolol View Post
    I know that here, blue gi are only needed at provincial level and up.
    Here in the prairies even inter-provincial and international competitions don't need a blue one - I was just at the Edmonton International a few weeks ago, no problem with my white judogi. Changing in and out of uniforms is a royal PITA anyways. The tasuki work fine.

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    I know for a fact that junior provincial-level shiai here require a blue gi.

    As usual, Quebec does everything wrong.

    There definitely seems to be a variety of views on this. My club isn't that highly competitive (we can muster maybe 10 at one tournament out of our ~60 members), but I think most of our yudansha have at some point or another have worn blue onto the mat, and I've seen a blue gi with each colored belt. I don't want to give the impression that we're a fifty-fifty split or anything; if a practice has 30 people, maybe 3 or 4 will have blue. Though, I do take your point, in that white simply has no disadvantages outside of tournaments, while blue has a good number.
    Your club may think nothing of blue, in fact neither does mine and the clubs that do look down on blue gi are kind of rare nowadays. I've seen some people get a blue gi as their first gi.

    If you're the type of person to not care much about others and you like the color then by all means get a blue gi. Advantages include less visible blood stains and dirty handprints won't show up on it either. I personally don't think the color of what people will grasp on and throw you with is of that much importance. There is a vocal minority that cares enough to complain about the color of your gi and what you wear underneath it. If you want to know how far it can go I suggest searching topics on JudoForum about "blue gi" and "wearing a t-shirt underneath the gi".

    If you care about this kind of childish bickering then don't wear a blue gi unless you must. If you don't, wear what you want as long as it's reasonable.
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    Blue gi requirement is up to the tournament organizers in provinces, unless the provincial governing body has a set policy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ming Loyalist View Post
    it seems to be hard to find a high quality unbleached judogi these days, i have an unbleached ronin brand single weave that i bought from my sensei when i started, but it's not a very nice gi. i thought HCK offered an unbleached judogi, but they haven't had any in my size in well over a year.

    i was hoping to get a high quality unbleached in japan, but the people i have been dealing with didn't have any, so i bought a bleached one. i'll try to poke around some other judo shops when i'm there to know ahead of time for next year.
    Yeah, if you find a good unbleached gi let us know.
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