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    Not at all dwk - it would be fairly easy with accelerometers (or some such) to measure speed or power output of the person training.

    This wouldn't be to replace an experienced pad-holder, nor a coach. This would be like a heavy bag - a tool that you use to work on specific goals. Only it would be interactive and offer measurable feedback.

    I can see beginners using it for fun and some tiny degree of learning, but not without a coach. More experienced boxers could use it as well, simply for the output measurements.

    That's my idea anyway. The punch-bot just doesn't offer enough realistic movement (yet) to be helpful.
    Emphasis mine.

    Yeah let's not forget one of the biggest innovations with robotic sparring would be quantitative output, feedback, and trending.

    You could chart punching force over time, power generated, all sorts of neat things. You could program progressive resistance levels based on those numbers, too (biofeedback where you hit bot harder, he gets tougher on you, etc).
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    Australian Inventors need all the suport they can get. I wish punching pro success in the future.

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