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    IsaanMuayThaiChannel/ Critique my fight

    Hi guys,
    as some of you know I live in the Isaan region of Thailand. I know there's not alot out there infomation-wise on muay thai [or anything] in this region of Thailand so I started a youtube channel [and soon a blog] so people can get a better look of what it's like over here.
    The link is: www.youtube.com/IsaanMuayThai.
    Also here is a video of my last fight. Please leave any comments you have on both the fight and the channel so I know what to work on with both. XD

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    Hey mate, good fight! some brutal knees there. Not so sure about the dance at the end though lol

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    Very good fight! Congrats!

    Not much to critique, except maybe that you could have finished way sooner if you had entered more aggressively - like, striking combos, not just landing single punches.

    But, hey, you won in a convincing and dominant fashion - all props to you, Sir!


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