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    Ronin Boushnak

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanshin1413 View Post
    Ronin Boushnak

    CHECK xtremeroninDOTcom/instructorsDOThtml

    Ronin Boushnak
    Head Instructor

    3 Time World Kickboxing Champion, MMA Champion, 5th Degree Black Belt, International Certified Personal Trainer, founder of The Ronin System.

    Lies, Lies, and more Lies.

    I did some research on this MMA guy after he and I had an altercation in the street. i.e. he attacked me because his pride and ego was hurt and for no other reason to show off.

    His mama should have named him Ronin "Doush"nak. This guy threw a kick at me 3 different times (above the waist) and hit my girlfriend instead. That's only when I popped him back and cut his eye open. This guy is a first class, no talent ass clown with dreams of ruling the world, but in reality he's just a self delusional, narcissistic doosh bag.

    He claims to be a 3 Time World Champion Kick boxer and MMA Champion, but he has absolutely no reputable or verifiable pedigree under anyone. When I asked some of the respected grapplers in and around LA, they told me stories about him being kicked out of various reputable MMA schools for his ego.

    In all my years as a martial artist, one thing I know for certain is that those who study budo should embrace humility and NEVER EVER attack another human being unless their life and or well-being is in danger. Within a matter of seconds, this guy let anger and rage rule him. He has no self control, or any of the qualities that a martial artist and teacher is supposed to have. He also has several negative reports against him for fraud and poor etiquette.

    I remember distinctly, he kept saying, "do you know who I am", "do you know who I am." After a while, even the people lying about themselves begin to believe their own bullshido.


    "Doosh" nak
    Video, or it didn't happen.

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