This past saturday, April 9th 2011, the second cage fighting event ever in the Netherlands (Holland for the topographically challanged) took place in Almelo.

For some sort of bureaucratic BS a cage here is a big deal. Normally it is a ring. I've been living here again for less then a year now, so I have no clue about all the drama, except that Kickboxing and MMA Gala's = Illegal Biker Cocaine Deals according to politicians. I don't even know the drama between gyms, because I started my career in the United States.

So well, I fought (and lost a split decision; video contained in post) this was my sixth fight and my first in the Netherlands. The show was well set up and the organisation was pretty decent, except that we had to take gloves off and give them to the next fighter, which was fucking disgusting. The website covering the event is busily uploading the fights and many (including mine) are already up there. Wanting to promote the fighters a little bit, and show people amateur/Pro MMA from the Netherlands, here is the website:

Sort by MMA / type NPU Undisputed.

basic MMA rules of course as well as :
Amateur MMA is without strikes to the head on the ground 2 x 3 minutes

Amateur MMA plus is with strikes to the head on the ground 2 x 3 minutes

pro MMA is with strikes to the head 2 x 5 minutes.

My fightname is Thomas Uylenbroek, terribly intimidating.