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    Fraud Skeet Lassiter Jiu Jitsu

    Over at Sherdog there was thread created about this guy. He was claiming to be a brown belt 4 stripe under a Ryan Boehm who was suppose to be a 3 stripe bb under Royler Gracie. This is all total BS.

    Skeet Lassiter is "JiuJitsu2000" on sherdog. We have contacted Royler Gracie's School and Gracie Uni. We need help putting this guy on blast. He has already made one of his blogs private and had to remove his Gracie Garage from Gracie Uni website.

    See this thread for updates!

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    I will take a crack at providing cliffs/highlights that we could focus on:

    Belt Claims:

    1. Lassiter claims a Brown Belt from Ryan "bam bam" Boehm
    a. Claims they served in the Navy together in 1994
    b. Backed up a bit on claim. Claims that he heard from a FRIEND of a FRIEND that Ryan passed. (Your not in contact with the instructor who gave you your brown?!?!)
    c. Also on lineage he claims to have looked for those he started with. Claims unable to find anyone he started with.
    d. In the weird department he claims to be a white belt because Ryan supposedly passed away....
    2. Lassiter claims that Boehm is a 3rd degree BB under Royler

    3. Lassiter claims that Boehm is deceased. However Sherdog member SupersuperRambo upon running a public records search turned up no death record for Boehm.

    4. This post on Sherdog quotes from his blog on his BLACK BELT promotion:



    1. Supposedly took a long break. When he came back he competed in the Blue belt division (masters) when he claimed to have his brown belt

    2. In this post he claims to have competed in many tournaments. He claims to have competed in every division from White to Black belt:


    Gym/Gracie Garage:

    1. Runs a unverified Gracie Garage

    Own Style:

    1. Has his own style he calls Lassiter Jiu-Jitsu. Combination of Akido, Judo, BJJ, Muay Thai

    2. Has been seen wearing a brown, blue, and a black belt (red stripe)


    1. It has been made private:


    Steps taking by Sherdog:

    1. E-mailed Royler. Royler was checking into things.
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    Both of his blogs are down.

    Link to UG Thread

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    For what it's worth I remember seeing Skeet Lassiter compete here in Arizona somewhere around 1997-98. Part of the reason that I remember him was because of his unusual name.

    As I recall in those days he was wearing a purple belt when he competed and as I remember it he did pretty well. There weren't very many schools in Arizona back then and the ones that were open hadn't been around for very long so at tournaments they used to just lump all the belts into one class. It wasn't that big a deal since 95% of the guys were white belts with the odd blue or purple belt who might show up.

    I don't know Skeet and probably wouldn't even recognize him if I passed him on the street. I wouldn't have any idea what his current skill level is, who he's trained with, who he received his rank from or what his training has consisted of for the better part of the last twelve years.

    For anyone who may be interested, all I can say with authority is that I saw him compete many years ago and he was at the least at a competent blue belt level then and performed reasonably well (most of the opponents where only white belts after all). He seemed like a pretty nice guy, was a good sport, and was respectful towards the guys he competed against.


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