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    This is one fight I never thought I'd pick

    Hey, guys. So, as you may or may not know, the battle for sanctioning MMA in New York has been a big thing for us NY Bullies. As a writer I've been as neutral and even handed as would be expected of me. But, yesterday I went and picked a fight.


    In that link I wrote an editorial basically calling out Sheldon Silver for single handedly subverting the democratic process and preventing the bill to sanction MMA from going to a real vote, all the while hiding behind the dog and pony show of the more vocal opposition so he has no accountability.

    I'm well passed the point where I'm going to take **** for this, so now I just want to make as much noise as possible. If you're an MMA fan of any type with any kind of website, blog, facebook page, whatever, get this editorial out there. Link backs would be great but that is not my primary concern right now. Over the next week I'll also be submitting a shortened version to some print op-ed pages. It's high time we as a community called this man out.

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    I "liked" it on Facebook. Silver needs to go, I don't know why we keep voting these idiots back into office. I love NYS but wonder how much longer I can put up with all the b.s.

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    Good stuff bro... I just can't even fathom some states hesitance towards allowing MMA. I mean their have been a ton of legendary boxing matches at the old Yankee Stadium, what's the difference really?


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