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    MMA fighter Sergio Salcido Luna gunned down at US border

    Sergio Salcido Luna, and a co-worker were shot-to-death at the Mexican-US border, by an unknown assailant early Monday morning.

    MMA fighter Sergio Salcido Luna (25), and Kevin Joel Romero (28), were gunned down in their vehicle, Monday morning (approx 3am), while waiting to cross into the U.S. from Tijuana to San Ysidro, California.
    They were driving a company truck, for West Coast Beverage Maintenance (their employer).

    They were shot with a 9 MM weapon, in the head, chest and arms.

    Attorney General Rommel Moreno Manjarrez told reporters one of the victims had a

    "small packet of drugs among his belongings."
    Both men were U.S. citizens who lived in Playas de Tijuana. Neither had a criminal record. Initial suggestions that the incident might be drug-related, have since been ruled out.

    Jorge Alberto Aguirre Carbajal, coordinator for the homicide unit of the Baja California Attorney General's Office in Tijuana told reporters:
    "There is another line of investigation that is very strong,"
    Luna, a welterweight, was 4-5 in his pro career. West Coast Beverage Maintenance is based in nearby San Diego, where the Strikeforce Diaz vs Daley mma event is set to take place Saturday.

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    I almost got shot the last time I went to Northern Mexico. Stay the hell away from that fucking place.


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    Quote Originally Posted by EmperorCesar View Post
    I almost got shot the last time I went to Northern Mexico. Stay the hell away from that fucking place.

    I rolled through El Paso a few months back and saw automatic gun fire in Juarez coming back into Texas from New Mexico. You can look across the wall from the 10 fwy in some parts, and down the hill you can see right into Juarez. It looked like they were firing into the air.

    I pulled in to a truck stop one time, too... Some guy came rolling through in a Van telling me he would take me directly to the whore house in Juarez for $20, and that he would guarantee my safety... I was like, no thanks, friend... I couldn't believe it. Some of the truckers got in the Van with him and rolled off. I'm willing to bet those fuckers never made it back.

    Mexico is in a bad way.. especially in the North. I'm willing to bet that these two guys simply pissed someone off, or hit on some guy's girl. I don't have anything against Mexicans, but a lot of the Mexicans in Northern Mexico are fucking insane. I had an immigrant from there stalking my girl one time. I didn't even know the ************ and he completely trashed my car and told me that if I didn't leave HIS girl alone, he was gonna kill me. Then, he just disappeared. Probably got murdered or deported.

    Anyway... yeah.. RIP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tex View Post
    Then, he just disappeared. Probably got murdered or deported.
    Don't worry if you need an alibi we got you covered.

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    I have been conducting research in Juarez -a few yards away from El Paso, TX- for the past 3 years. It really is worse than anyone could guess. I put this website together "ciudad juarez 2008 - 2010", along with a book to raise awareness. Take a look if you have the time. It is a collection of pictures, some of them are really graphic and shocking. Corruption and impunity turned northern Mexico into a no man's land. Last year a bomb went off less than a half mile away from the US border, that shows how close everything really is.


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