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    Quote Originally Posted by SBG-ape View Post
    I think this is an issue of training culture. There's a difference between how someone fights a training partner & how someone fights an opponent in a sportive competition. In competition, even if you're no more aggressive then in training, your opponent may well be & since you don't know them as well as you know your own training partners it is harder to gauge appropriate intensity or read their intent to develop your response. All that makes injuries much more likely.

    Mordschlag, you're an ARMA guy & ARMA typically doesn't engage in competitions. I don't doubt that you train & spar regularly. I would question if you have ever participated in a competition in any combat sport.
    That's a fair and logical point. It's true that while I do spar frequently I do not compete in tournaments. Still, one has to wonder why we see some groups spar and compete with a myriad of armor while others do not (and yet come out in good health).

    Anyway I feel like continuing the discussion of safety in competition\sparring here would only derail Axel's thread, so perhaps we should make a new thread for that topic or discontinue it. Fair?

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    Very fair.

    Axel, if the video you posted is merely a rough draft & something that you mean to build upon in the future I would very much like to see footage of your Ringen material. Oh, & I really enjoyed the mask's eye view of your training. That was fun.

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