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    Favorite Fighter

    Hey guys! Im new to this forum and just wanted to establish a thread and get to know some people :)

    So i was just woundering. Whose ur favorite fighter of all time? Doesnt matter if it stretches back to 1900 :p

    My absolute favorite fighter is Bas Rutten. Cause he is a very dynamic and different fighter, he tries things and analyses everything. And the thing i love most about the guy is that he did alot of body shots of course ;) and the leg kicks.

    I get disappointed when i watch UFC now a days. Cause most of the guys just go for the head and goes for the KO. I mean Bas used leg kicks and body shots very effectively, just look at all his fights.

    And also that he was bullied and later on he got to be one of the best fighers alive.
    Haha he is really funny to :P big plus.
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