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    I'm relatively good at it for a newbie.
    No. Get this idea out of your head, because it will hurt your progress in the long run. You just started, you aren't "relatively good" at anything, and right now you need to learn as much as you can without any preconceived ideas of what you're "good" at.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhiteShark View Post
    No the shadow boxing advice is wrong. You are a girlie man with lady hands. Stick to the heavy bag until it has a big ass dent in it and your noodle arms aren't sore anymore. +/- 3 months.
    Good advice.

    I wasn't responding to his "follow through" question when I recommended the shadow boxing. I was talking about helping the uppercuts feel more natural. Doubt he has an uppercut bag, but maybe.

    That said, OP: make sure your coach is helping you develop the techniques and mechanics of punching.
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