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    Quote Originally Posted by CaseyRyback View Post
    Thought I pose this question here.. I realize that someone who is smaller can utilize leverage and skill to excel in Judo, but does Judo favor someone with a muscular/larger build?
    Anybody can do Judo, but the stronger and fitter you are, like in any activity, the better. In the OP's case, he is training for competition, so stronger and fitter is better, but as well, skill training is very important as he is a novice.

    Given equal skill, a stronger, fitter person will probably be better at any activity, judo or otherwise.


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    Here is a link to the 70's Big S&C program, for those interested.

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    I'd start running to get your cardio up. All grappling is incredibly cardio-intensive. Also, I'd make sure you do low reps and high weights, to build explosive muscle training (it seems like you're already doing low reps).

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    I'm replying to the Okano kouchi vid above (doesn't seem to be a Reply link with that particular post). I've been hit with that particular throw by the man himself and the vid doesn't really do the technique justice.

    The explosive power at the time of the body contact was pretty astounding. He was still in pretty good shape at the time (early 1970s) and it was amazing how much force he could generate in such a short distance.

    Okano was weight-trained and that helped him compete against the bigger guys in the All-Japan. My bud, Wayne Erdman, told me about the time he was in the Kodokan weight room and Okano walked in. Without a warmup he slid under the bar which was loaded with about 350 lbs and proceeded to rip out a set of 10 ass-to-the-grass back squats.

    Again, this was at about the same time period, but he did pay for it over the next few days since he wasn't really in training shape.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oplus View Post
    It's good to be back.

    On my off days for judo, I've been doing Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength program. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it:

    Squats 3x5
    Bench/Standing Press 3x5
    Chin-ups 3x15

    Squats 3x5
    Standing/Bench Press 3x5
    Pull-ups 3x15

    Squats 3x5
    Bench/Standing Press 3x5
    Deadlifts 1x5

    My numbers:
    Squats: 240
    Bench: 150 (lol)
    Press: 110
    Chin-ups, Pull-ups: 10 lb add-on
    Deadlifts: 225
    Height: 5'6" (I like to think a half, too)
    Weight: 146.2

    I'm quickly topping out on squats and bench (failure is now more common that complete sets), and my press and deadlifts are definitely giving me difficultyc I know people my weight can do more on both, but...

    The reason I post this here and not in the training forums is because I want to hear the judokas' take on it. I'm a yonkyu with morote seoi nage and sode as my tokui waza (granted, I haven't even formally learned tai otoshi, harai goshi, or uchi mata yet...), and I want to know how I can improve my judo while off the mat.

    The input I've gotten so far is that I focus too much on raw strength and not enough on explosive power; I definitely do wish that my university's gym wasn't so stick-in-ass and wouldn't stop us from power cleaning. But, if you know any reasonable programs that would help me/have any good advice, I would appreciate it.

    P.S. I have the feeling that this might be floating around somewhere, but plugging in "lifting" and "judo" into the search bar was predictably unhelpful.
    Get rid of the bench and find a weight sled. Or a heavy tire.
    Do pull ups as well as chin ups. To aid in grip, if you can, use a old dogi on your pull up bar.
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