Looking for some general advice on what I should train to help me make a decision.

At the moment my training consists of two mma classes a week and 3 days strength and cardio training, lately I started doing cardio training on my spare days but I think I've entered the overtraining zone with those and decided to stop.
I definitely want to have at least one day a week of rest which leaves one spare day so I was thinking I could pick up an extra day of skills training.

The options I'm looking at are, an extra mma class a week which costs me nothing and is my main focus at the moment as I'm hoping to eventually fight.
Wrestling won't cost me anything and is something that I probably could do with some extra training in.
Judo will cost but not very expensive and I've done it previously, will be handy as I sometimes compete in Gi grappling for my mma club but we very rarely train it.

At the moment I'm very heavily leaning towards 2 nights mma and one night of judo, but yet to make a firm decision.