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Just to help clear up some stuff on Japanese Judo terms and Japanese language. Most of the terminology in Judo is not conversational or "normal" language. Mainly its like technical lingo where words carry a different meaning because of the context it is being used. If that helps.

Kendo terms (which I know little to nothing about BUT I AM STILL LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO TEACH ME) are more than likely closer to actual Japanese due to it being not as widespread as Judo. While Judo terms have remained the same since its inception due to uniformity. This is a conjecture not a fact.

While mate is wait in Japanese we use it as stop or have been told it is stop. Yamate I believe is stop. Sadly though most of the Japanese terms we use have no meaning without being in a sentence or in such a place as a dojo where the meaning is implied. This is what my wife tells me so correct me if you got better info.
I've been told the same thing by different native speakers of Japanese who do not do Judo. Things like "sore made" are actually commands, pretty rude in normal conversation.