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    Dana White: UFC TV Channel "Makes Sense", UFC President speaks on the future of mma.

    Dana White says UFC TV channel "makes sense". Speaks on the SF purchase, Fedor, expansion plans...victory....and more.

    In an HDNet interview with Inside MMA correspondent Mike Straka, UFC President Dana White spoke on the buyout of Strikeforce, Fedor's future/legacy, the possibility of SF as a feeder-league, a fight channel, the worldwide expansion plans of their company, and even the WEC/Pride buyouts.

    Here are some tasty bits from the interview. (They covered a lot of ground, and it's worth seeing the whole thing). This is the man, who'll be shaping how we, as fans, see top-tier mma, moving forward. The link to the whole interview, is at the bottom. In the interest of avoiding tldr, I'm just touching on some of it.

    Straka: Why did you purchase Strikeforce now, at this point in time?
    DW: The deal popped up, and it really just happened. It happened really fast, and out of nowhere. but we did it.
    on Fedor
    Straka: "A lot of people want to know about superfights....first of all, is Fedor part of the deal?"
    DW: "Yeah, Fedor is part of the deal. Fedor is under contract with Strikeforce, and Strikeforce has a deal with showtime; so that contract will be honored....as many people know, who've been following the sport, I don't have too many fans, on that side of the fence...There's been a lot of things said, stuff that's happened so, we're gonna take this thing one day at a time. Lorenzo actually met with them yesterday. We'll send Lorenzo in there, you know (smiles)...smooth things out.

    Straka: "Are you ready to bury the hatchet though, if there was a hatchet?"
    DW: "Yeah absolutely, you know, we'll see. We'll see what happens, when we all get into a room, and we all start doing business. Can we do business together? yes, or no? My point is, we will honor the contract. We will honor that Showtime contract.
    later in the interview, Dana speaks more on Fedor.
    Straka: "Would you be interested in giving him fights with Randy Cotour...giving him fights that could fix his legacy?"
    DW: "I dont' think it's Fedor. I've dealt with his management, and it's 100% those guys, so...problem is, I don't think you're going to have a situation, where Fedor's on his own, making his own descisions, so the answer's probably no".

    On the ramifications of Zuffa's various tv/ppv deals, and how playing networks and pay per view providers against each other, comes into play, Dana had this to say...
    DW: Let me tell you what's going on.........nobody knows what we're doing. we know what's going on. we're the ones that build this industry. We're the trailblazers, that are out there, you know, making all these things happen, we know what were doing, we know what the future is...we know what's going on.and it's funny to sit around and read some of these ideas that, you know, that some of those websites throw out there. Trust me, we know exactly what we're doing fo the next five years.

    The part that makes me drool, a potential TV channel, Dana says this:

    Straka: "in the next five years, you currently have enough archival footage enough shows, enough talent, to create your own network, will we see that soon?"
    DW: "It's a different world out there right now, going out and starting your own channel isn't as easy as it was, you know, six or seven years ago, it's a lot tougher than it used to be but you know, does it make sense? Yeah it makes sense.
    SF, the minor leagues?
    Straka: "I don't mean to say this, because SF has great fighters, but is there any truth to the notion that Strikeforce can be a feeder league for the UFC?".
    DW: No. These guys have a contract with Showtime...
    Straka: "Even when the contract goes away?"
    DW "Well we'll see what happens. No, it wouldn't be a feeder league.
    Straka: ".....a minor league is what I'm saying."
    DW "No........the biggest reason for purchasing Strikeforce is we need more fights, as we continue to go out into these other countries."

    There's more. Click the link below.


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    I'm no doubt way off base,but when I heard about the strikeforce buyout,my first thought was " damn,they've finally got Fedor".
    No doubt there was more too it than that...but damn,they've finally got Fedor.

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    Emelianenko? THE Fedor? The russian killing machine?

    God damn...

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    It doesn't matter who is on contract with SF right now as soon as that contract is fulfilled you will see who they want and who they don't. The contracts will run their course for many and then they will either fight for Bellator, M1 or in Japan. Zuffa has positioned itself as the place to be if you want to fight in America, UK and maybe Australia but not the world.

    IDK how this is going to play out but you can bet that many fighters in SF will either refuse a contract with Zuffa or not be offered one. Honestly I would hope that they would all continue to fight but if you do not like the company you are working for it will make for some real shitty fights. That being said though of you want to continue to be a professional fighter at the elite level you're pay check will have to be issued by Zuffa. TBH I don't think it is such a bad thing but at the level I have seen Zuffa operate I am not very knowledgeable about the big stuff they do for fighters.
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