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    New York's First Girl's Wrestling Tournament

    City's first girls' wrestling tournament takes place as female participation in the sport takes off

    Boys can attend a wrestling tournament in SoHo Sunday - but only as spectators. This time, the squared circle is open only to girls.

    Some 50 female grapplers from high schools and junior highs will be competing at St. Anthony's Memorial Gym on Thompson St. in the city's first wrestling competition for the fairer sex.

    "Girl wrestling is legit and this tournament proves it," said Nyasa (Tiny) Bakker, 16, a junior at Wingate High School in Wingate, Brooklyn, who competes in the 105-pound weight class. "It'll be just as competitive as any boys' match," said the Brownsville teen, who has a record of 16 wins and seven losses this year.

    The girls are thrilled about the tournament because without a female league, they often are forced to wrestle boys. Only a few dozen girls wrestle for city school teams, compared to about 400 boys. Around 90% of the time, they are matched with boys in practice and competition.

    Full article at link

    The article goes on to quote a female high school wrestling coach to note that wrestling among girls is "exploding" in popularity.

    Also discussed is the male high school wrestler who refused to wrestle a girl due to his beliefs. That discussion can be found here.

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    Missed it. Would have loved to take my wife & daughters......


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