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Thread: Vitamin?

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    Vitamins are very crucial thing for health and it is the requirement of body and all the vitamins have their own function and role and i mostly take vitamin C and it is my favorite and good for freshness.

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    Omega 3 supplements seem to be a pretty big deal, too. Might want to get one of those.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GhostBushid0 View Post
    can anyone recommend a vitamin that would help with weightloss and also just keeping urself healthy immune support maybe thanks guys!
    Anyone who claims that something “supports” or “boosts” your immune system is (1) trying to sell you something and (2) either lying or mistaken. The immune system is not a muscle that can be made stronger; it’s a complicated, evolving, biochemical system that relies on chemical specificity, not some kind of video game power that Ultimate Immune Supplements can boost to level 70. (I once had someone tell me that eating such-and-such would boost my immune system and cure my allergies, apparently quite ignorant of the fact that allergies are the result of the immune system powerfully targeting the wrong things!) To keep your immune system in good shape, just eat a healthy diet (avoid deficiencies), and avoid immunosuppressants like alcohol (and steroids?). (To help your children’s immune systems develop healthily and avoid attacking their own bodies, make sure not to raise them hyper-hygienically…)

    Multivitamins more generally are overhyped and pretty close to scams, for most people. With an even remotely balanced diet, you should get everything you need through food, unless you have specific problems. (Dark-skinned people, for instance, have plenty of melanin to protect them from tropical sunlight, but in northern countries like Sweden, that very fact denies their skin the sunlight it needs to synthesise vitamin D, so if you’re exposed to particularly low levels of sunlight, or if you’re dark-skinned and live in Sweden or Finland, you may want to supplement vitamin D or you may, in extreme cases, develop rickets.) The old saw is a truism: For the most part vitamin pills only give you expensive urine. Eating more of a vitamin or mineral does not mean that your body absorbs more, let alone uses it: There’s a level it needs, and adding more won’t help. (In the cases of some vitamins, you can take too much and suffer toxicity effects. You can die of hypervitaminosis A; it’s why Inuit don’t eat polar bear liver.)

    All that said, I take a multivitamin myself because my diet isn’t great and thanks to a combined effect of laziness and a bewildering number of allergies, I don’t eat as much fruit and vegetables as I wish, so I take a pill a day (of whatever multivitamin is cheap) in the hope that it will cover any bases my diet misses, in spite of inferior bioavailability, and in the knowledge that mostly I’m fairly literally pissing my money away.

    If you’re on a decent diet (and presumably you are, with the health gains you report!), you probably need no such thing.
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    Take the gummie vitamins for kids. It's all the same. Plus they taste good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Petter View Post
    (In the cases of some vitamins, you can take too much and suffer toxicity effects. You can die of hypervitaminosis A; it’s why Inuit don’t eat polar bear liver.)
    A famous health guru once drank gallons of carrot juice in a week and died from it. Can't recall his/her name. The autopsy confirmed it was vitamin A toxicity.

    That said..carrot juice is just the best of all juices (imho). So sweet and refreshing (carrot juice requires more pulp than most vegetables/fruits to make the juice so it ends up very concentrated).

    Soooo delicious, great for before/after a workout. Just don't drink more than 8 ounces or so at a time, and don't drink it every day.

    If you do consume it every day you can actually turn orange from too much carotene, but that condition (carotenosis) is allegedly benign.

    Bolthouse Farms is the brand I prefer.
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    As others have said eat your veggies. Seriously! mix it up and try new vegetables you havn't tried and prepare them in various ways. Raw or steamed is the healthiest but many other ways are acceptable. Eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables will provide you with the nutrients you need plus is DRAMATICALLY help you loose weight. For example eat a huge spinach salad with 4 plus cups of spinach and load it up with any other vegies you like. It will help fill you up and will be extremely low calorie. Be careful about dressings though, use a low calorie dressing and don't use TOO much.

    I personally love grilled veggies like zuchini squash onion etc. Also make sure you get plenty of healthy protein and just try to cut down on your grains and sweets. You don't have to starve yourself to loose weight.

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