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    The term membership students need to complete their term then they become month to month. If someone moves out of the area we always cancel the account, the only thing we ask for is a 30 day notice. The member who started the thread was month to month, forgot to provide us with a notice, then complained and blamed us for the result.

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    BTW thanks for coming to answer questions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by It is Fake View Post
    BTW thanks for coming to answer questions.
    No problem. I don't want people to get the wrong idea about our school. Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program has been in SB since 1998 and typically people have great things to say about us on forums. I know for most members on this forum training means a hell of a lot more to them then money. The sport of Jiu Jitsu is a way of life, it helps people in every way imaginable. To be given a gift like that, and then to turn around and trash the guys who helped you, all because you dont feel you need to give a 30 day notice, is beyond me.

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    Good job team. High five.

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    I don't understand OP. I moved away from my first academy. I was in a contract, but instead of asking out I just paid 3 extra months. I did tell them I was moving. It cost a little, but they always treat me like family. I have never paid a mat fee rolling there in years going back to visit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paragonacademy View Post
    Said member came in and dropped cancellation letter 1 week into the month of Feb. We make an effort to clearly explain the 30 day cancellation policy which is very standard in any month to month billing agreement. As has been stated prior, the purpose of this notice is to balance the company budget for the upcoming month. Without a 30 day cancellation policy it would be impossible to determine if you can stay a float for the next months bills. Said member was very unreasonable when he realized he would be charged for the last month and preceded to trash us all over the internet. 99% of members have no issues with our billing system, unfortunately there will always be people who refuse to take accountability and would rather blame others. Hope this clears things up.

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    what do you know? it's the same policy that my wife's uncle uses at his dojo! wow, a perfectly reasonable and standard practice in dojo management. i'm shocked!!!!!!eleventy!!!!!!

    seriously, thank you for coming on to tell your side.

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