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    I officially resign undefeated from Trolling.....Ruk is now the current Champion. the reasons is health concern...with only 46 days left of summer, it's time for the Evolution Era to progress on!

    From Showya Era....I was destroying the Xbox VS PS2 forums........the great teachers of this Era was Ben Vang and Chai Hang (A Muay Thai fighter)

    In the Showya II Era, I worked with Teen Teamworks

    From Sept. 3, 2001 to Dec. 30, 2001.........I was the MMA Troll Champion (Ninjitsu Era), and also World Troll Champion

    After Dec. 30, 2001....the Ninjitsu II Era, I spent my time training in American Checkers (I hold a 7th Dan, with 120+ hours experience)

    In the Ninjitsu II Spring Place, There was a Legendary young student art teacher known as Andrea Place (Sensei), Great teachers of this Era was Chee Vue and Sonny Xiong...

    In the beginning of the Evolution Era, they wasted 10 days of my summer at the Hospital............when I came back, I talked with Peedee on AIM and he invited me here...then I talked about stuff like the Katas of July 5th......then I fought ADCC's greatest Modern Troll Ruk and defeated him in the first round...we haven't reach an agreement on a rematch, this time it will be a Vale Tudo Troll match.

    But I have to retire due to health reasons.....retire undefeated, Ruk...you can now be the MMA Troll Champion

    I have to work on different things...I was here temporily......................back in the Ninjitsu Era, No other Troll stand a chance against me....I was in my Trolling Prime back then

    I'm gong to buy some more herbs....the Martial Arts world is seen as an ally, not a world to Troll

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    alter7bate, the myth the legend, also known as the Romo!!!!!!!!!!!1

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