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    **** yeah Cheese! I think you'll really like it there.
    w00t w00t It's gunna be fun.

    Remember when all else fails just clinch and hold on for dear life.
    I can do that.

    If you were in Thailand you would have to do the Muay Thai. It would be like moving to Brazil and doing Kickboxing.

    If you have the opportunity to train good Muay Thai, fucking train Muay Thai.
    My thoughts exactly.

    Had a friend just come back from thailand. The MMA gym has golden staff and thai fighters will take a dive if you hurt them early enough.

    Most of the gyms on Phuket are in on that racket, its all about engineering an enjoyable customer experience.
    That is absolutely not something I want any part of, though I understand what "keep the customer happy" means. >_<

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    If you're gonna go train then might as well go to Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket. I spent a month and a half there and the Muay Thai traning is amazing as well as the MMA which is taugh by Ray Eble...oh and stay away from Patong!

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    I've also heard good things about Tiger Muay Thai. A few friends I know have trained there and liked it.

    Oh, go to Patong a few times! Just don't go every night. :p

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    TMT has a horrid reputation for fixing fights, bribing key forum members with free trips to talk up their gym (where is mine huh?!) and offering extremely overpriced training. They're number 1 in marketing to Westerners, thats all they do well.

    Same can be said for the majority of Phuket gyms but personally I'd rather not waste my trip and train at a proper gym.
    "Boxing is the art of hitting an opponent from the furthest distance away, exposing the least amount of your body while getting into position to punch with maximum leverage and not getting hit."
    Kenny Weldon

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    i found the WMC camp on koh samui to be fantastic, catering to both hobbyists and fighters (of course foreigners, the only thais fighting out of that camp were the trainers - but they did take fights.)

    there were some foreign students who were quite serious, staying there for a year or so, taking fights, etc. others were more casual, but if a student worked hard, they got serious training. slackers were generally ignored. come to think of it, nobody paid much attention to me until i had shown up to both sessions 2 days in a row (including the runs that some people would skip.)

    this was a few years ago, and things may have changed, of course. also as they are a camp that caters to foreigners, their prices are a bit high.
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