I didn't know where to ask this, and this location is a good a place as any I suppose.

My facility: kravmd.com (Krav Maga Maryland, Columbia location)

The other groups that operate out of the same facility:
www.columbiabjj.com (Columbia BJJ)
http://marylandkdf.com/ (Maryland Kunst Des Fechtens)
mdkali.com (Maryland Kali)

All 4 groups have a somewhat integrated fee structure, in the sense that being a member of Krav Maga Maryland allows you to take those courses for a greatly reduced amount of money (but being a Columbia BJJ or MDKDF member doesn't permit you to take Krav Maga classes).

I'm not overly privvy to the upper management's decisions at KM MD, but from what I can tell, these outside groups were brought in for the benefit for the KM MD students (hence their rather low price), hence it would be very difficult to review my school and completely ignore the other groups. Additionally, there is definitely some sharing of students going on (this is encouraged).

If I was to review my facility, would I have to do separate writeups for each of the 4 groups, or could I do a single writeup incorporating all of the groups?