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    Originally posted by deus ex machina
    All that best BJJ people I've met have been really laid back and considerate. Of course, I'm not saying that ALL BJJ people are excellent human beings, but I think there's a very real correlation between knowing that you could completely dominate someone, having done so countless times in the past, and being able to keep calm and composed.

    On the other hand, I think that someone who's never had to put himself out there in terms of fighting, may tend to be very passive-aggressive, or even outright aggressive.
    Maybe people that are laid back and composed are so because they have come to the realization that worrying about dominating all fights is futile and childish. There is always somebody out there that can kick your ass.
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    I think it mainly depends on the instructors and fellow students you train with If they incourage a very aggressive mentality you will propably pick this mentality about fighting up. On the other hand, if the instructor and fellow students will discourage aggressive behaviour (not to be confused with tough training) you will propably pick this up or leave for another place to train.

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