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    Quote Originally Posted by Rivington View Post
    Nobody is this stupid. You're trolling again.
    Quote Originally Posted by atomicpoet View Post
    It is not my place, as a layman, to question it. After all, I am but a laymen.

    Using your earlier appeal to authority I can question their use of specific words. Oh and so can Riv. Still, that is your strawman and it doesn't negate the fact you were wrong about neurological vs. psychological and transgenders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RumPIrate View Post
    Just as Sirc, I'm curious as to who I'll be eligible to compete against. Pre-op, I think I can only fight other things with penises.
    It's a question that really needs to be addressed. The organizing bodies will have to consult the trans community and medical specialists to find out. Unfortunately for judo, our NGBs are made up of a million Ned Flanders' so that's not likely to happen without some pushing. BJJ is even less likely, as we're full of bros. If it's ever being campaigned for though, i'll lend my support as an ally.

    I'd suggest you go to an actual grappling gym though. Just because I support trans rights doesn't mean I support anyone doing aikido.

    "The only important elements in any society
    are the artistic and the criminal,
    because they alone, by questioning the society's values,
    can force it to change."-Samuel R. Delany



    It seems that the only people who support anarchy are faggots, who want their pathetic immoral lifestyle accepted by the mainstream society. It wont be so they try to create their own.-Oldman34, friend to all children

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hedgehogey View Post
    I'd suggest you go to an actual grappling gym though. Just because I support trans rights doesn't mean I support anyone doing aikido.
    Indeed, I train at uni, so it's different classes all in the same gym. I'm branching out to BJJ and trying to get back into wrestling. While the BJJ crew appears as a bro-ly band of brothers, they're reasonable collegiate types. The instructor is tight with my judoka roommate who I'm already out to. So far my genitals have escaped public scrutiny.

    I haven't yet given up the ghost on aikido. After reading "Judo and Aikido" by Kenji Tomiki, I'm holding out in anticipation of his judo-aikido hybrid school o' knifefightan. (randori @6:08)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hedgehogey View Post
    I'd suggest you go to an actual grappling gym though. Just because I support trans rights doesn't mean I support anyone doing aikido.
    You don't support men in skirts holding hands and dancing around? Kinda hypocritical bro...

    I say let them compete whatever their new gender is, unless they are a ridiculously jacked guy who became a girl.

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    A slightly tipsy thought on competition, this is, in no way, intended to imply that anyone's saying differently. Just some light rantery.

    I would understand if male-to-female Transvestites were put in their gender of birth category for competition. Though their social identity is different, their hips are still hinged like a man's, and their musculature is that of a man's.

    Taking a look at men's/women's world records in virtually anything athletic, there are differences for a reason. Not individually, but statistically. The male body, and the female body are built differently (plenty of women can kick my ass). It would be a nightmare to sort out who is and who isn't jacked up man-style enough to cross over to women's competition.

    Having breasts, from estrogen pills would even out some of the muscle/other-stuff ratio disparities, but there are physical differences, that affect the respective genders' ability to engage in physical combat. God made it, we evolved, pick one. Men and women's bodies are different.

    Having the soul, or identity of a woman, doesn't mean someone can be born into a female body retroactively. For fighting, it's understandable to me, to treat someone according to the body they were born with, not the inclination/identity/spirit.

    That said, combat sports are probably the only field(s) (that I can think of, off the top of my thick head), that I would think this way about. Boston is a oasis for many LBGT people, as the community is strong, and the population relatively tolerant. I've many close LBGT friends, and support them in their struggle for self-identity but for this thing, fighting...the body and musculature you were born with and grew into, counts heavily.

    When men and women compete against each other, it's not an issue, but if it has to be one or the other, I wouldn't think it fair to have a man who's identity inside is that of a woman, competing against women, regardless of surgeries or hormone treatment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rivington View Post
    Nobody is this stupid. You're trolling.

    This argument has reminded me of a fellow i work with. One time i went on vacation to California (important fact: to kick it to a girl), i left him a list of things i needed him to finish before i came back. When i got back, none of them were done. When asked why none of them were done, this ensued;

    "Why didn't you get A,B, and C done?"
    "Because i didn't have time, i was doing X,Y, and Z."
    "Then why aren't X,Y, and Z done?"
    "I got stuck doing A,B, and C."

    It was told with such convincing authority that i began to walk away saying "Well, that sounds reasonable......"

    "Wait, you didn't do the things i asked you to do, because you were busy doing the things i asked you to do?"

    And it was only after he stood by his reasoning, after i made sure he understood his reasoning, that i realized what the term "bukkaked by stupid" meant. You, Rivington, have been bukkaked by stupid. Hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by soldiermedic25 View Post
    You know what I'm disappointed about? That you read 2 comments that taken in context were obviously tongue in cheek and even if weren't were obviously outliers in an otherwise urbane conversation, joined the site, tried to troll, then threw down your facebook url like thats something that people do. Not to mention that you are 55 goddam years old. Too old for acting like a teenager.
    Wow. I just got around to checking the SPAM folder of my Gmail account and saw the notification about the replies and came back here to check. Wow. Quite a number of replies discussing the transgender thing here...

    As I believe I mentioned before, I came upon this message thread in a Google search for Transgender Martial Arts, read some of the comments and joined just to post my comments, that is true.

    Ok, so as not to be a hit and run away type of troll, and repying here...

    I did not know the comments were tounge in cheek. A lot of things get said online that might not be said in person, or at least you could tell a lot from the tone of the delivery that you cannot tell reading the comments online...

    I added my Facebook link to prove that I am a real person. Yes, 55 years old. Ain't no spring chicken and ain't no beauty queen. I tell people who ask me why that it's just about being true to yourself. You can certainly look at me and tell it's not about pretty or feminine.

    Treatment consists of psych meds for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Depression and Anti-Psychotics. I guess you can say you can cure being transgender if you can give enough psych meds to turn the person into a zombie. Therapy is an attempt at retraining telling the person to be happy being born a man or woman.

    Might work for some. Doesn't work for others. The younger TSs now have the benefit of knowing the paths that work the best for them. Trying things that don't work just wastes precious time. That's how you get to be 55 G**D*** years old and going thru this...

    Still I ain't complaining. Thanks to all who were compassionate and understanding. And to all if anyone ever meets someone who is transgender please at least try to be understanding...

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